Jeep safari for the cultural anthropologist


Miniature sculpture out of balsa wood.

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The Jeep Safari for the Cultural Anthropologist is a miniature sculpture handmade out of balsa wood.

It provides a safe study environment for the cultural city explorer. The vehicle blends in with the architecture around it so it can be parked anywhere without the surrounding humans noticing it. From the contemplative swing, that’s inside the house, the cultural anthropologist can playfully examine the behaviour of the city’s inhabitants.
A small ladder takes you from the trunk to the first floor, where you find a room with a big round window and a swing inside. The first floor also has a small balcony and a window shaped like a kite. The wheels of the car can even spin!

The Jeep Safari for the Cultural Anthropologist is a very delicate sculpture with many details, one might call it a vehicle for the imagination.

Check out the 360 video of this sculpture.

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Dimensions 12 × 7.5 × 31 cm