‘How to Catch a Bird’

— animated short by Vera van Wolferen

How To Catch a Bird is a stop motion short based on a childhood memory.
When I was eight; my dad taught me how to fish. He told me to take the worm off the hook after fishing, but I had no idea why. After fishing I forgot about the worm and left it dangling on the hook. If I only knew then what the consequence of this action would be.

Vera van Wolferen

— animation filmmaker

Hi I´m Vera van Wolferen an animation filmmaker from the Netherlands.

I was born with two eyes for detail, the perseverance of ten horses and an immeasurable brain activity. Currently I use these talents to make animated short films.

I´m a stop motion lover and dedicated builder of intricate and detailed sets made mainly out of cardboard and paper. If you´re interested in working together, looking for the number one cardboard craftsman in the Netherlands or just need somebody to talk to you can always reach me at info@veravanwolferen.nl. I’m also available for freelance work.

Other work

A summary of my previous work.

The process so far 2012 — Making of How to Catch a Bird.

Koekoek 2012 — Commissioned by Atelier KunstMaat

Looking at this bed 2012 — Video made for DropStuff Urbanscreen Network.

Navigating 2012 — Graduation film for my bachelor of Fine Arts

Projects, exhibitions & competitions

October 2012 - February 2013 — 'Navigating'
Spelen op de grens van het onmogelijke
Rijksmuseum Twenthe Enschede

January 2013 — 'Phantoms of the Old'
Mixed media installation
Breda Cultuurnacht 2013
collaboration & exhibition

December 2012 — 'Navigating'
Tent Academy Awards
Pera Museum Istanbul

November 2012 — 'Looking at this Bed'
Stop motion animation
Dropstuff Urban Screen Network for the Digital and Interactive Arts
project & exhibition

September 2012 — 'Navigating'
Cabinets of Reminiscence
Dynamo Expo Enschede

July 2012 — 'Navigating'
TENT Academy Awards
Best young video artists from the Netherlands

January 2010 — 'Dressed in Light'
The Art of Fashion competition Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
The Art of Fashion competition

April 2010 — Workshop Media Art Flow Festival Almelo
workshop by Sije Kingma & video contest
Winner of the student video contest with 'Google Astronaut'
MAFFestival Almelo


Goois Lyceum, Bussum
AKI Artez Enschede
Design Academy Eindhoven
AKI Artez Enschede
Bachelor Fine Arts
AKV St. Joost Breda
Master Animation


Don't hesitate, drop me a line!


© 2014 — Vera van Wolferen